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Fifty-Eight Students Completed Their First Semester at IT University

IT Network University (ITEdNet) summed up the results of the first semester of the Internet of Things (IoT). Freshmen and IT specialists with 15 years of experience shared their desks.

Network IT University, Perm, is supported by the Perm Krai Ministry of Information Development and Communications under the Staff for Digital Economy regional project of the Russian Federation Digital Economy national program.

Three educational modules of the inter-university modular program on IoT technology have been completed: IoT-Device in 24 Hours, Information Security in IoT Systems in 24 Hours and IoT Analytics. A total of around 600 applications were submitted by students and IT professionals. The studying seats at the IT University are limited to the number of computers in the labs. Out of a total of entries, 45 applicants were admitted based on entrance test results (15 seats per program), and 58 people took the course in total, as 13 of them were motivated enough to study as drop-in students.

When talking to school students about the future of IT, Maxim Reshetnikov, the Governor of Perm Krai, pointed out that digital economy sees rapid growth in the Kama region. The information technologies have been integrated in healthcare and are being extensively adopted by public services; the transition to electronic school is also underway. The region’s needs are covered by the software developed in Perm by two thirds. At the same time, as personnel shortage is one of the main constraints for the digital economy development, best efforts are applied to train IT professionals in the region. An IT university has been established for this purpose, as one of the solutions.

Over the first semester, professors from Perm State National Research University, Perm State Pedagogical University and Higher School of Economics, as well as experts from IT companies, such as Galileosky, Biont and Simpl, shared their expertise with the students.

‘We have created a super school. However, the IT University doesn’t purport to graduate fully trained professionals with all Bachelor's and Master's programs in 24 hours, but rather to provide specific hands-on knowledge they can't get at schools or universities’, noted Polina Sukhanova, Head of Perm Network IT University.

‘During the course, we were invited to visit Galileosky’, Ilya Shaburov, a participant in the IoT-device program, shared his impressions. ‘I was delighted and amazed by their equipment and the corporate spirit. This gave me a great motivation to get a job with this company. And my efforts weren’t wasted. I have already completed my internship with the company and signed a probationary contract’

Ahead is an extensive fall training cycle in the new format of collaboration with universities and IT companies.

In June, as the IoT educational trajectory will continue, the launch of Iteen: IoT Device Program for teenagers is scheduled. The Program partners are Technopark Perm, Galileosky, one of the leaders of transport satellite monitoring equipment, and ER-Telecom Holding telecommunications company (Dom.ru brand).

A little later in June, master level of the IoT trajectory, Smart Home Integrator School, will be launched. The educational module was developed by professors from Higher School of Economics and experts from INSYTE Electronics, a manufacturer of smart homes and real estate automation equipment. As a result of the intensive school, you will actually acquire a new and trending profession of a smart home integrator.

A project workshop dedicated to the Internet of Things together with experts from Moscow Telecommunications Institute (MIEM), is on the roadmap in June, as well.

Professors from Perm universities and experts from IT companies have been developing new programmes in various spheres to be launched in September in the IT University. IT programs in web development and digital marketing for people with special needs are being designed.

Source: Website of the Governor and Government of Perm Krai

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