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The Simpl team took part in the conference "Corporations in Digital"

On February 15th, the first forum "Corporations In Numbers" was held in Moscow. The event took place in a live format, with over 260 attendees gathered onsite. Speakers included heads and senior managers from large captive companies. Experts discussed how captive IT company functions have changed over the last two years and why corporations are motivated to create digital products in-house. The event was hosted by the ComNews Information Group.
The executives from Simpl went to the forum to strengthen communication with the top managers of the captive companies and to learn more about their goals and plans for promoting their in-house products and bringing them to the digital market. The experts noted that the subsidiaries of IT companies within large corporations were beginning to gain momentum, and some players' developments were already represented on the market. They also discussed the industrial IT sector, which was just beginning to consider replicating its solutions. 

During the discussion, some captive companies expressed an opinion that they were becoming competitors. Each corporation develops its own platform that solves the same tasks, and since the market is still in its formative stages, many companies have high demands for vendors, as their future is uncertain (bankruptcy or takeover by another company). Mikhail Savinykh, CEO of Simpl IT, said that outsourcing companies need strong industry competencies.Following the results of the forum, the 
Simpl team managed to communicate with top managers from several captive companies and discuss their vision for the development of the digital market and the possibilities for commercializing products. 

The companies are ready to cooperate and consider options for collaboration in solving complex technical issues – this is a positive sign that will strengthen cooperation between IT subsidiaries, corporations, vendors, and outsourcers.

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