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The Simpl experts presented an innovative solution for enterprise energy management

The Simpl experts presented an innovative solution for enterprise energy management.

On March 19, Chelyabinsk hosted the opening of the Seymartec Energy International Forum, where experts from all over the country make presentations in the field of energy supply, energy efficiency of enterprises in various industries, as well as digitalization of production processes. Representatives of the IT company Simpl spoke about a solution that has radically changed the approach to managing power plants.

The forum brought together chief engineers and power engineers of Russia's leading industrial enterprises and suppliers of engineering systems and IT solutions based on the Industry 4.0 concept. The event is dedicated to discussing the latest trends and strategic issues, reports on the challenges facing enterprises. After the presentations of the leading Russian industries, IT companies joined the presentations and reported on the latest changes in their energy solutions.

Simpl has introduced the Generation module, which helps the enterprise dispatchers monitor generating units in real time and make decisions on their operation based on data.

he solution is presented as a digital twin of the process. The computational core is the regime-economic model of the process. Data is collected from local control systems of generating units. Information about the operation of the power system in real time is sent to the calculation model, where the most effective mode is automatically calculated and recommendations are made for switching to this mode.

Anna Fedoseeva, Chief Analyst at the IT company Simpl

— The implementation of the system made it possible to combine algorithms for optimizing energy costs into a single model, distribute loads between power plant units, take into account the cost of operating hours of power equipment and other tasks. The system also selects the most optimal option, taking into account the totality of all factors. This allowed us to move to a new level of management, improving the quality and speed of decision-making.

The program determines the most efficient mode of operation without loss of system reliability. The service of the chief power engineer not only receives ready-made recommendations, but also transparently sees a set of factors influencing the formation of a decision.
The process of the product was demonstrated to the audience visually in the form of a simulation of a month of operation of the power system with simulation of real production processes and external events.

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