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Smart energy

Implemented in:
Vertically integrated oil and gas company

The purpose of the system

The solution displays an integration showcase of structured and verified energy data, allows to model technological processes of power generation and forecasting power plants operating modes, and also automates processes of designing and reengineering of power supply systems for facilities

Tasks to solve

  • Reengineering of existing power supply systems
  • Preparation of conceptual projects on energy of the new assets
  • Development of circuit solutions for power supply using GIS tools
  • Design of overhead line routing, taking into account landscape, surface type, available building permits
  • Preparation of actions on construction and commissioning of energy facilities for a comprehensive asset development plan
  • Visualization of main components and indicators of the company energy system
  • Calculation of power deficit, restrictions on gas consumption, unit load and other factors
  • Modeling various fuel usage cases (dry stripped gas, natural gas, associated petroleum gas, oil, diesel
  • Calculation of potential losses in a non-optimal generation mode
  • Consolidation and verification of data on generating equipment from related systems (including subsidiaries local systems)
  • Preparing recommendations on improving the efficiency of generation process (both in general and for each power plant separately), on safe and optimal mode of generation
  • Providing ability to view key indicators of the power system
  • Transfer of key energy indicators to related systems
  • Comparative analysis of indicators connected to dashboards


Digital twins of processes
Versioning of projects management
Data Quality Management
Visualization of key process indicators on energy
Microservice architecture
Integration of the solution into the existing digital solutions ecosystem

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