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Solution "Monitoring and analysis of key indicators of oil production efficiency

Implemented in:
Vertically integrated oil and gas company

The purpose of the system

Improved efficiency of production and injection well stock

Tasks to solve

  • Automated data collection from production systems
  • Calculation and visualisation of key figures
  • System accessibility to all decision-makers
  • Calculation of indicator threshold values
  • Colour-coding to guide user’s attention to critical deviations
  • Calculation of performance deviations
  • Assessment of related indicators effect
  • Visualisation of factor analysis
  • Input and display of deviation causes
  • Automated generation of presentations based on KPI dashboards
  • Data export as Excel reports
  • KPI deviation cause reporting


Data consolidation from any information system
Solution system accessibility from any device
Generation of reports and presentation materials based on visual representations
Customisable visual representations
Monitoring of indicators at the holding company level in the aggregate, with an option of breakdown to well level
Flexible centralised configuration of indicator calculation methods

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