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Control over operation and support of effective equipment reliability management

Implemented in:
The world's largest pipeline company in the field of transportation of oil and petroleum products

The purpose of the system

Integrated power facility inspection recording system. Automated inspection planning process provides control over remedial actions and daily reporting

Tasks to solve

  • Routine reporting
  • Visualisation of performance results
  • Summary provision to company executives
  • Field inspection of equipment, including documentation analysis and instrument-aided inspection
  • inspection findings recording (photos, scans, etc.)
  • Office analysis of inspection findings
  • Compilation of identified non-conformances list
  • Control over equipment examination
  • Generation of examination reports
  • Generation and keeping of an equipment failure register
  • Generation and keeping of failure type classifiers
  • Generation and keeping of remedial action register and listing of off-schedule measures for such equipment
  • Generation and maintenance of long-range annual and monthly plans of routine operations (maintenance, repair, etc.) and equipment examinations
  • Maintenance of action plan versions
  • Coordination and approval of action plans
  • Calculation of action plan costs
  • Development of remedial measures to eliminate non-conformances identified during inspections and equipment failure effects


Increased equipment productivity and utilization
Reduced downtime. Improved maintenance effectiveness
Enhanced analytics and decision support
Risk mitigation and failure prevention
Reduction of current and operating costs
Reduced operational and maintenance costs 
Online onsite inspections with photo and video documentation using mobile devices

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