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Investment project planning and monitoring

Implemented in:
Vertically integrated oil and gas company

The purpose of the system

Collection and aggregation of production and economic indicators of investment projects with an option of data controllability under verification rules.

Tasks to solve

  • Automated export of actual costs and production figures from external record systems at monitoring stage
  • Regular and timely data updates
  • Reliability of received data
  • Acquisition of planned, forecast and actual data
  • Flexible customisation of actual cost recovery
  • Online information browsing
  • Display of data received from services and related systems in one place
  • Granting access to employees, experts and executives of the company
  • Historical data storage
  • Modular planning of investment projects. Modules: well, cluster, field, license area
  • Export of data from custom templates
  • Reconciliation of data provided by reporting units and exported from related systems
  • Recording of investment project data submission and reconciliation history
  • Accomplishment of data reconciliation by unit managers
  • Performance indicators calculation by scenarios: changes in macro-parameters (oil and gas prices, discounting and inflating dates, etc.), use of different calculation procedures (overall project estimate, well-by-well calculation)
  • Generation of project data sheet as multi-page reports with graphs and tables exportable to Excel
  • Generation of various reports broken down by project, project portfolio, subsidiaries and the company in general
  • Generation of monitoring reports for active portfolio key indicators
  • Reduction of time spent on project portfolio set-up
  • Project appraisal and monitoring by individual experts and the department
  • Project approval and monitoring option
  • Real-time commenting on projects and portfolio
  • Automated delivery of notifications


Automated cost-effectiveness calculation
Input data completeness control
Automated evaluation and approval procedures for investment projects
Improved efficiency
Highly-detailed calculation of economic performance
Single space for cross-departmental teamwork

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