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IS Solution

The solution of the digital twin of the process of developing and planning oil and gas fields
Implemented in:
Vertically integrated oil and gas company

The purpose of the system

Production performance planning and automation of well-lifecycle management business processes. Transparent communication between business units and executives.

Tasks to solve

  • Analysis and selection of statistics (wells, workovers) to construct decline curves
  • Monthly updates of decline rates based on incoming stats
  • Decline rates construction based on reservoir simulation and oil displacement characteristics
  • Statistics for any period for any set of wells and any set of workovers
  • Scenario-based online simulation of production profiles and other production/process figures based on decline rates and input parameters of scheduled workovers
  • Auto-update of displayed results following model calculation
  • Visualisation of performance simulation results in any form: table, graph, routine report
  • Breakdown of parts forming the final production profile in both graphical and tabular forms
  • Result comparison for multiple scenarios
  • User settings for any window structure with model results
  • Plan vs. Actual comparison. Production performance monitoring and analysis with breakdown to well workover level.


Calculation scenarios
Construction of decline functions based on summary statistics
Breakdown to well level
What happens if?
Accuracy of calculation methods
Analysis of various data effect on resulting parameters
On-line simulation
Calculation method customisation
Integrated routine reporting

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