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Information system for the admission of employees and vehicles.
The principle of operation of the system
The information system for the admission of employees and vehicles was designed to provide a unified digital platform for all stakeholders involved directly in ensuring the smooth operation of work at the facilities in accordance with HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) principles. The system offers a workspace for both internal employees of the organization and external contractors.

The system aims to digitize one of the key HSE business processes - providing access for contractors to the work area, including employee and vehicle access 

Forming an application for admission of an employee or vehicle
Allows to create an admission application in accordance with the customer's requirements. A matrix compiled according to the standards of the customer company is used to generate the list of documentation. It is possible to specify the type of documents (mandatory, additional), as well as their validity period (temporary, indefinite).
Approval of an employee or vehicle admission application
Allows for application approval. Implemented customizable approval role model. Document approval is based on the approval zones of the approvers.
Formation of a completed pass
Allows to create and export an admission pass for an employee or vehicle. The pass form complies with the requirements of the customer company.
By 70%
the time spent on approving the admission of employees and vehicles has been reduced.
Monitoring the relevance of documentation for employees and vehicles.
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