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Automated Information System (AIS Tourism)

The purpose of the system

Improved effectiveness of managerial and regulatory decisions in tourism. Assessment and management of tourism potential of a region

Tasks to solve

  • Monitoring of the number of facilities by type, region and country in general
  • Monitoring of other tourism potential indicators
  • Keeping of a register of tourism research and education institutions
  • Maintenance of guideline tourism education documents
  • Designing of surveys by employees in charge
  • Voting for projects and activities to be included in the Program
  • Displaying of the voting results
  • Configuring of the surveys by employees in charge
  • Keeping of a register of projects and facilities
  • Keeping of a register of agreements and contracts
  • Keeping of a register of source documents (payment orders, service provision documents)
  • Keeping of a register of customers and business partners
  • Monitoring and analysis of the program projects implementation
  • Monitoring and analysis of national programs performance indicators
  • Keeping of a register of national and regional tourism programs
  • Keeping of a register of regional and national programs
  • Program record card keeping


Single space for cross-departmental teamwork
Increased managerial decision-making efficiency
Solution accessibility from any device 
Input data completeness control

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