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Simpl.Data management platform

Simpl.Data management platform
Simpl.Data management platform
Advanced data presentation: from integration with external systems to analytics
Full-featured functionality in one product
Product features
Rich visualisation
Appealing and understandable data representation. Customised visual representations on analytical dashboards with constructor functionality
Generating reports and presentations based on visual representations
Computable indicators
Calculation of computable indicators on the fly while generating a visual presentation. Adjustable formulas for computable indicators.
ETL tools
Embedded ETL tools allowing to import data with further analysis and processing
Reference data maintenance
Maintenance of arbitrary reference data: version reference directories, calendar reference directories, hierarchic directories, etc.
Integration with external systems
Collecting data from external sources with scheduled data upload
Simpl.Data Management Platform Components
End-user interactive workstation
Delivering resulting reports with no need to deal with complex processing logic.
Update and security manager
Provision of system and data access, enabling flexible integration with third-party products.
Data warehouse and web service
Management, consolidation and processing of data with external systems, including ETL tools.
Reference data management
Reference data and classifiers maintenance.
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