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Simpl Group of Companies Is a Principal Participant at the 5th Smart Oil & Gas Federal IT Forum

Simpl Group became a principal participant at the 5th Smart Oil & Gas 2019: Digital Transformation of Oil & Gas Industry Federal IT Forum. The Company’s developments and solutions sparked great interest in the expert community. 

More than 550 experts took part in the 2019 forum. CEOs of integrators and vendors, digital transformation directors and IT department heads of major Russian oil and gas companies discussed pivotal challenges in the industry digitalisation and shared their practice at solving them. 

Igor Sivkov, Corporate Solutions Director at Simpl, delivered a talk on Digitalization in Upstream: from Isolated Systems to Cross-Functional Solutions, at one of the key events of the business agenda. In his speech, he compared the IT solution challenges to a scene from People and Mannequins movie (1974), in which the character played by Arkady Raikin received a bizarre ill-fitting suit totally unfit for wearing from a tailor shop. Despite all the ridiculousness, each tailor from the shop, responsible for their own share of the sewing process, has done an excellent job: the buttons were decent and sewn on tightly, the pockets were flawless; trousers and sleeves also were there... just all mixed up and twisted.
‘This illustration is a vivid representation of issues related to bulk process automation in companies,’ explained Igor Sivkov. ‘There are no problems as to each tool specifically, but the solutions in general are narrowly focused and isolated. Global practice shows that the issues of this level, especially in our core extractive industry, are addressed by end-to-end implementation of vertical platforms’. 
‘The executed solution developed in close interaction with the business implements a cross-functional business process model. This model reduces labour costs and planning-cycle time, mitigates human error, boosts investment project efficiency, keeps inefficient project investment down and sets the potential to make the system a substantial part of the company’s integration platform. As a result, all these factors can boost business profits times ten-fold’, commented Mikhail Savinykh, CEO of Simpl.

Awarding the winners of the annual IT projects competition was the highlight of the Forum agenda of the first day. The best eligible projects were selected by the jury panel out of 74 applications. The ‘Terra Business Planning Calculation Module: a comprehensive solution for planning and monitoring of production performance and investment activities’, solution developed by Simpl in collaboration with ITSK and Gazprom Neft won the Specialised Software Solution category award.

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