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Product by Simpl Included in Unified Register of Russian Software

Simpl.Data Management Platform has been included into the Unified Register of Russian Software by Order of the Russian Ministry of Communications No. 412 of 25.07.2019

The platform provides fast setup of business applications solving a wide range of tasks, from advanced analytics to business process automation. Software class: data array collecting, storing, processing, analysing, modeling and visualising systems. The software complies with the import substitution policy and is available for purchase to business, national and municipal institutions.

Simpl Individual Components. Data Management Platform: 

Simpl. Analytics
- Interactive user workspace
- Analytical reports  
- Interactive data collection forms 
- Routine reporting  

Simpl. Data management 
- Data calculation, monitoring and conversion
- Calculations 
- Data transformations  
- Distributed computing

Simpl. Data 
- Data warehouse and collection tools
- Data storage  
- Data collection 
- Distributed data storage  

Simpl. Administration 
- Application configurator and security manager
- Form and business process constructor  
- Reference data maintenance  
- Administration 

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